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Two NBA Stars Eat at Alessios

We are STAR STRUCK at Alessios! Dominique Wilkins and Antonio Davis, both former NBA stars, had lunch at Alessios Restaurant and Pizzeria located in John’s Creek. Not only did our customers enjoy meeting them in person and eating with them, so did our employees!

Dominique Wilkins

For those of you who are not familiar, Mr. Dominique Wilkins, 6′ 8″ played as a small forward for the Atlanta Hawks in the 1980s. Averaging 24.8 points per game and an overall 26,668 career points, Mr. Wilkins will always be remembered as a leading scorer. What an honor to have Dominique join us for lunch!

Antonio Davis

Mr. Antonio Davis is best known for his days with the Pacer’s and the Toronto Raptors, playing as power forward and center positions. His skill allowed him to become the President of the NBA Players Association and an an analyst for ESPN. We are certainly ecstatic to have been in his presence!

The Proof is in the Picture

Dominique Wilkins and Antonio Davis eat at Alessios John’s Creek location!

As a result of Dominique and Antonio visiting our John’s Creek location, we are ecstatic to share this picture of them with our staff. While we are thrilled to have met these gentlemen, we cannot wait until we see them again!

Re-fuel, Refresh and Unwind at Alessios

Our mission at Alessio’s is to make our customers part of our family, so round up the kids and come on over for dinner!

Re-fuel after camp, sports practice or a long day in the sun with loads of yummy eats. We’ll also help you get over the mid-week summer daze hump with game rooms for small kids and a great wine selection for the big ones. Oh, and pizza. Lots and lots of pizza! See you soon!